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Phil S. said:   August 2, 2014 1:02 am PST
Saw the ABC program on this case. I would like to have seen more examination of the cell phone records. If Ms. Morris was calling Mr. Genoese on his cell phone while he was in route to his residence he did not cause the death of Ms. Morris. What was the time of death? Could Mr. Genoese have had time to drive back to the hotel after these series of cell phone calls and commit a crime? I am speculating that the authorities are presuming that if Ms. Morris is calling Mr. Genoese on his way home he was not at the hotel when this undetermined death occurred. Many hotels have security cameras in the parking lots and throughout their facilities. Is there video tape from that night? Did Mr. Genoese come back to the hotel after those series of cell phone calls?

Irene S said:   August 1, 2014 11:00 pm PST
Don't give up the fight!!! I agree with you and pray that one day you will find out the truth and some one will be accountable for your daughter's Murder. God Bless you and your family.

Nadia said:   August 1, 2014 10:43 pm PST
Dearest Kelley and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine what it must feel like to be dealing with something as horrible as this. nevertheless, Sheena is watching over you and must be so proud of the work your doing to bring her justice. after looking at the facts of your daughters case, I can't help but conclude that joe is 100% responsible for Sheena's death. He committed the crime and then made sure to pay off the detective who originally handled the case. They are definitely in cahoots with each other!!! This I believe within the pit of my soul! After watching their interviews on ABC's 20/20, It was so unbelievable obvious that these 2 men ( joe ad the detective) have some rt of connection to each other. Kelley, please look into this and see if you can find a link. They both are in this together. Any fool knows that Joe committed ths murder and for this detective to just dismiss Joe like that is NOT NORMAL. There is something here to his behavior. I trust you will eventually find what you need to convict both of these evil souls. God bless you and your family and Sheena. You are always in my heart and prayers....

Doree said:   August 1, 2014 10:25 pm PST
I just got done watching the 20/20 special about your daughter, I am as skeptical as you are of Joes innocence. Since there seems to be no forensic evidence due to lack of proper investigation. Have you ever considered talking with a medium? Thereasa Caputo from Long Island has a show onTLC and I think shes amazing, maybe something like that could help, if she can really communicate with the dead maybe she can help you get the truth so you can have some closure. I hope the truth finds its way to you, God Bless!

Daymond said:   August 1, 2014 9:10 pm PST
I am a 31 year criminal justice retire from Florida. I retired as a chief of police. I think I can help you on this case pro bono...free. If you would like to talk send me an email with specific contact information. I am now disabled from an accident but can still do a bit and have a lot of resource information. I have a church at www.sovereign church of Jesus.com I now live in lower Alabama but am strongly aware of Florida politics. God Bless you all and trust Jesus in all things.

Mike said:   August 1, 2014 7:59 pm PST
I can't imagine what this family and everyone involved has gone through. I would never stop fighting either. Prayers to you all. Things that look suspicious to me: 1) It looks like a staged scene. I know she was found that way, but seems like the process would have caused the faucet to break, leash clip to break or the leash to slide down unless Sheena went down really slow (probably with help). 2) Was the police department fully vetted? I know it seems horrible, but what if one of the officers did it? They could cover it up and make it look like a suicide, or intenionally ignore evidence. The boyfriend probably would have left physical evidence. 3) Seems like it would take a lot of determination to commit suicide by hanging while still being able to stand up. How often does that happen in suicide?

Debbie said:   August 1, 2014 7:55 pm PST
My heart goes out to you! God be with you in all your efforts for justice for Sheena! I must tell you I have so much respect for what you are doing. I have a close friend that several years ago experienced this same thing. It was erie as I watched the 20/20 show, realizing how similar your story is to my friends. But, she took a different road. I, as a mother, will never be able to understand ..., her husband (a religious man) was able to convince her to "let God get justice in the next life"! The police never investigated it as anything but a suicide. But it was clear to everyone that the boyfriend hung her, from a tree in the back yard...so awful. He had even made comments to a neighbor that he could kill someone and get away with it. The sister did an investigation and had evidence against the boyfriend. The mom wouldn't pursue it. I don't comprehend it. I said all that to say this, I COMMEND YOU!!! Keep on keeping on!!! It's so obvious that he did it. Dr. Phil's lie detector test is top notch and we all know it! The FDLE can eat dirt on that! I can't imagine your broken heart, at the loss of your beautiful daughter. But be encouraged that you will ONE day, eventually, get justice for Sheena! God be with you?

Jennifer M. said:   August 1, 2014 7:54 pm PST
I just saw Sheena's story on 20/20 & was saddened by the stonewalling your family has rec'd by the Bradenton Beach police dept. I thought I had my mind up during the program about the fiancé's guilt and yet at the end I wasn't completely sure. But i think this shows that, even as a layperson, if I can see enough potential flags that trained law enforcement should certainly see & at least open an investigation. Guilty or not he absolutely should have been investigated properly. I'm sad that Kelly has not been able to grieve properly for her daughter because she's had to be the investigator. My heart just breaks for your family & I truly pray that not only do you find justice for Sheena but that you find some peace too....

Robin Gonzales said:   August 1, 2014 7:49 pm PST
I watched the story about Sheena on 20/20 and I am so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my brother to an apparrent suicide ( which I still to this day think seemed a little fishy the more I think about it). I just wanted to add a thought to this mistaken suicide case.Have you or anyone ever talked with the ex wife of Joe??? How did he treat her and why were they getting a divorce? Was he abusive to her.I want to wish you the best of luck in your daughters case, there will be justice one day, you are a very dedicated mother and that is exacly how your daughter would want you to be. God bless you and your family.

Deb said:   August 1, 2014 7:42 pm PST
I watched 20/20 tonight and just want to say, as a mother and as the mother-in-law of someone whose death was also ruled a suicide, that I fully support you in your efforts to get to the truth. I also believe my son-in-law was murdered by the woman he was living with at the time and I am praying that when the toxicology reports come back the police will finally realize that he would not have done this. I have reason to believe that she would have killed him though and my family does not and will not believe otherwise. I wish I had the courage you've shown. The police all too easily "assume" - and we all know what that does. God bless you. I know the pain of losing your daughter is horrible, and I do hope you can find peace despite the injustice. I hope we all do.

SW said:   August 1, 2014 7:15 pm PST
Whoever left that ridiculous comment on June 10th needs to take their meds and stay off the net. Seriously, far fetched story. Rarely ever does a woman slip a leash around her neck and threaten to do herself in if her bf doesn't come back. Sheena took pics of her injuries, one of them being on her NECK for a reason.. she was AFRAID he was going to come back.. She called 911 bc she was AFRAID he was going to do something bad like trash her place, etc. because they were fighting.. In a situation of arguing to the point it sure DID get physical for a fact, and DID leave marks on her NECK, it's much more likely that HE CAME BACK AND INJURED HER IN THAT AREA AGAIN THIS TIME CAUSING HER DEATH than her slipping a leash around her own damn neck and slipping to go after her phone.. You're off your rocker.. HE KILLED HER AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT

JC Fredlund said:   August 1, 2014 7:13 pm PST
I want to applaud your courage and determination in your pursuit of justice for your daughter. My daughter is 42 now, and by the grace of God never encountered anyone like your daughter did. Had she done so, you had better believe that there is not a snowball's chance in hell that I would ever give up nailing him. I suggest that you talk to his future ex-wife and investigate any other women with whom he's been involved in the past. I believe that you will find some of your answers there - and they will probably be all too happy to help! God bless you! ~JC

ST said:   June 10, 2014 7:27 am PST
Your daughter is absolutely beautiful and I can't begin to imagine your distress then and even now. Having been in this type relationship at the same age I think I can understand what might have unfolded. Joe doesn't look like a happy person in any photos. I've looked (3 hours at various pages on the internet) my impression of him is that he treated her like a possession. That glass ring is a tell tell sign things were not ever going to be right no matter what. I agree there is no way she was in a suicidal state of mind in the phone call she made to the police. Only Shenna knows what really happened and it's one of two things. Murder or a horrible accident. I know an accident seems far fetched but a particular possibility comes to mind. Sheena perhaps in an effort to make Joe return to the hotel slipped the leash around her neck to threaten to kill herself if he didn't return. I feel she may have forgotten her phone on the dresser and in a situation of such stress and perhaps rage (I've been there myself) forgetting she had tied the leash rushed to retrieve the phone to take a photo to send to Joe then a terrible accident happened as she slipped and by accident hung herself. A horrible and very tragic accident . This as I said is only one of two scenarios that could have happened the other has been investigated and what I can determine from only the articles is that murder was ruled out. I AGREE she did not intend to kill herself. Nothing will bring her back I am terribly sorry for your loss. Bless you and your family I hope you find peace. Love and healing thoughts sent to you and your family.

Paul Tomlinson said:   May 24, 2014 10:20 am PST
I have passed on to my Facebook , such a sad story I saw on '2020' I hope common sense prevails & finds him guilty so dam cruel to end a lovely ladies life . All my love from England UK stay hopeful X

Bre said:   May 21, 2014 4:58 pm PST
I would have to agree with everyone here. As someone not personally connected to the case I can look at it un-biased, and still seem to come to the same conclusion that everyone else has. This is terrible, I'm so sorry! If you can, keep going!

Eric P. said:   May 12, 2014 9:28 pm PST
My family is very sorry for your loss. We have reviewed the evidence and Dateline episode and it is not just a maybe but an absolute certainty that her boyfriend has anger issues and killed your loved one. There is no doubt, but since the PD detective was not very good and did not look into this further and saw the evidence and spoke with her friends, that there is no way without an undercover investigation "I wish we could do the Mr. Big investigations like RCMP and get a confession but they are illegal in the US." Honestly if someone took justice into their own hands and punished this man, and I found myself on the jury of this vigilante I can promise this person would be found not guilty by my vote. I just feel the local PD let your family down. This is just so easy to figure out but the evidence is gone the investigation non existence for a homicide then there will not be charges unless you can get a confession. Look at the Mike WIlliams missing hunter in Lake Seminole, its so obvious but the investigation was for a missing person and now they know what happened but the evidence is not available so charges will not be filed unless they can find his body, more evidence, or undercover work. Both families deserve for the PD to go undercover, tap phones, really put some pressure on these people, also there are 3 killers in both these cases running free, they could hurt someone again. WE SUPPORT YOU, AND ONCE AGAIN WE ARE TRULY SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS.

jerry said:   May 9, 2014 10:12 pm PST
That the cop investigating the scene first did not interview Joe immediately is incomprehensible. I'm not a detective but know the first person you investigate is the last person to see a victim alive, even if you think it's likely suicide you talk to that person. That's just common sense. His investigation was clearly lackadaisical and incompetent. Without evidence what other conclusion could the later investigation come up with. Personally, I think it's more likely he killed her than she committed suicide, that's just an opinion but because of that idiot cop we'll never know. Keep in mind, a properly handled investigation could have completely exonerated Joe in the first place and saved everyone a lot of grief. The sand on her feet was very compelling that it was murder. How could she have so much sand on her feet and not have it tracked throughout the apartment? Seems likely someone carried her into the bathroom. It is also a possibility it was a serial killer who may have been following them around and just waiting for a chance to kill her. Sadly there are very crafty serial killers stalking beautiful young women just like her. There are likely men sitting in jail who have been convicted of murdering their wives or girlfriends because smart experienced serial killers leave little evidence and detectives default to the husband or BF. Another reason I doubt suicide, it's very unusual for beautiful girls to hang, shoot themselves or jump off buildings. Vast majority of time they commit suicide they use pills. It's irrational but they don't want to damage their bodies in any way, pills don't do that. It's not impossible but just isn't likely. That cop that did such a lousy job of investigating should be fired.

Evi said:   May 5, 2014 3:08 am PST
I just watched the Dr. Phil show in Belgium. This is unbelievable that someone just gets away with murder! Why is it so difficult to hand this case over to another police department so that your daughter can finally rest in peace? Never give up, I think you are really strong.

Valerie Hein said:   May 1, 2014 8:45 pm PST
Dearest precious Mommy.....only a Mom who shared this precious childs soul, whose heart beats and very being intertwined within your womb before this precious child took her first breath.....can fully understand and deeply KNOW the love and bond a Mommy has with her child, who knows her child! I have 5 living children.....my heart, prayers and love go iut to you! I'm sooo proud of you....as I'm sure Sheena is!! I'd go all the way to the FBI!!! I just saw the show.....none of it looks like a suicide....and that Diaz seems a very very very heartless incompetent arrogant jerk. Not everyone who has a badge.....deserves that badge OR has integrity under that badge!! From one Mom to another.....I'm with you.....and throughout this....hold on to Jesus and find peace in Him.....He will open doors. You must find peace though sweet Mom....in my grief....I found myself having a stroke at 48 years old....my body just couldn't keep up with my inner grief and pain.....make sure you take care of you too along the way!! God WILL make a way, when there seems to be no way...He WILL make a way for you!! Hugs

Tony Garnsey Tasmania Australia said:   April 27, 2014 3:04 pm PST
How devastating for Sheena's Mum.......Just finished watching 20/20 here in Oz & can't believe the dodgy Police Work........Judgement Day will come in the form of Jesus one day.....Have Faith.

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